Founded in 2013, BodyBurn was created with the sole purpose to empower and inspire women through fitness in a positive, fun (honestly!) and relaxed way.


A lot of women only exercise due to societal pressures; wanting to look like (unrealistic) airbrushed models and generally viewing their bodies in a negative way. I'm here to show you that when you exercise to strengthen your body and celebrate what it can do, you'll fall in love with fitness - and more importantly, how it makes you feel. Exercise shouldn't be used as punishment for eating cake - it should serve as a reminder of what you're truly capable of (and also strengthen the muscles in your arm so that you can continue to eat cake with ease)!


The aim of class is to strengthen your body - and mindset - while learning the correct technique to perform exercises properly/safely, therefore preventing injury. The thing that makes class special - and different from anything you've done before - is the people. At BodyBurn, you'll find your tribe. Friendly, supportive, inspiring women, all rooting for each other - and that's something you won't get on a treadmill for 45 minutes. Anyone can teach you to do burpees and press ups (and don't get me wrong...I will!), but there's no substitute for the feeling you get being surrounded by likeminded women, an instructor who won't let you quit (in a good way!) and a positive, non-judgey environment. You'll gain confidence, energy and muscle tone served with a massive helping of girl power! What's not to love!?


Every Monday and Wednesday evening from 7-8pm at Wood Farm Community Centre, Headington. Classes are £5.

Classes are booked via the online booking system. Please note that classes are non-refundable.


There is plenty of parking on-site and in the neighbouring school grounds with direct access to the community centre via stairs or a ramp.


If you're travelling by bus from Oxford City Centre you can catch a number 4, 4A or 10 to the community centre.


BodyBurn has a completely relaxed and supportive environment; I'm there to help and motivate you - not judge you - it doesn't matter where you are in your fitness journey; whether you're an absolute beginner or a total pro! Everyone is there for the same reason - to workout and to have fun whilst doing it!

I'm not a drill sergeant; I won't scream in your face and make you scared to put your knees down mid-plank - I believe in the power of positivity and encouragement.*


*with maybe a tiny little bit of motivational 'voice raising' during those last 3 seconds of plank! ;)