"I have been attending BodyBurn classes right from the start. With Jen you get plenty of support, encouragement and laughter - not to mention a wide variety of exercises which are suitable for all levels of fitness as there are always options for you to do. Just come try it for yourself!"

"I've returned from my Italian holiday and I just wanted to say a huge personal thanks. I had put on a stone within 6 months of moving to the UK; obviously I made changes (especially after booking my Italy yacht holiday, which was going to involve me being in a bikini everyday!) and BodyBurn helped so much as well as my diet changes. The comments I got my from my sister (who hadn't seen me in 14 months and my friend who saw me last in December when I was at my heaviest) were amazing and so positive!!! To be honest, I haven't looked like this in years...honestly!!! I don't pay attention to the number on the scales anymore as that used to upset me. Yes I've only lost 4.4lbs BUT I'm more toned and nearly lost my muffin top. The central area is what I've wanted to focus on and for someone who hates fitness and never runs, you don't realise how much of an achievement this is for me personally. I just want to thank you for helping me! Keep up the great work you do for the community!"



Becca: "One of the best exercise classes I have been to - and continue going to. Jen is inspirational, enthusiastic and makes you feel like you can when you really feel like you can't!! BB is an amazing class, full with amazing girls who cheer each other on - definitely the best kind of girl squad. Would recommend this class highly!!"

Kate: "A massive, massive thank you to you Jen!! I wouldn't have stayed motivated if it wasn't for the BB crew. Hands down the best fitness class EVER!"


(Pictured with another Jen!)

"I’ve been going to BodyBurn for around 9 months now & it is a standard part of my week. I absolutely love the energy that Jen brings to the class every week & I love that she gets completely involved with the whole session. I’ve been to classes before where instructors just shout out instructions at you & hated it - but with Jen hating the burpees as much as you we all get through it together! Every session is different but always starts with the cardio warm up which when I started I couldn’t complete the whole thing but now I LOVE IT. I set challenges to complete certain tracks without stopping which back in June I had no chance of completing. Abs is my favourite & I’m nearly at completing the squat track! All the ladies are super friendly & everyone gives 110% every session.
It has been my exercise for 9 months and helped me along the road of losing my current weight loss of 2 & half stone! Can’t thank you enough for the continued support & encouragement Jen.


Alison: "I've known Jen for around 6 years now after being a member of her dance class Raw Diva. When I heard she was setting up an exercise class I knew instantly it would be a success. Jen is a great people person and makes everyone feel welcome no matter what your ability. After losing 3 stone a few years ago, I go to BodyBurn not only to maintain my weight but to improve my general fitness whilst having fun with the girls. Jen's encouragement never goes unnoticed & the fact she sweats & feels everyone else's pain makes her the best fitness teacher around! I never dread going to BodyBurn like I would going to a gym. Thank you Jen!!"

Lizzie: "BodyBurn has been part of my weekly routine for years now and I would never have thought I would enjoy exercising. Jen is so welcoming and is a great support to everyone. With her motivation and the great tunes we exercise to, I can honestly say I would recommend the class to everyone with different abilities. I'll be honest; I can't do a press up and I struggle with burpees - but she will show you easier ways of doing them but still being able to push yourself at the same time. I can honestly say Jen is a great teacher and a lovely friend of mine"




"Considering 2 years ago I hated exercise and had tried classes and felt bored/unmotivated by, I can honestly say attending Jen's BodyBurn class was the best thing I ever did! I now look forward to class week in, week out & exercising in general! Jen is a true inspiration & her fun, positive encouragement really motivates you every class & she is what makes this class so special & in a different league to the rest! The classes are fun, friendly & a great overall workout - you will be so glad you came! xxx"